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Recovery Church Movement

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Recovery Church Movement (RCM) is a network of Recovery Churches reaching and training those in early recovery to grow in their faith and recovery. RCM is a bridge between the 12-Step Fellowships and the Church. We train, coach, and help people learn to become disciple makers within the recovery community and start, plant, and reproduce Recovery Churches.


Overdose is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. for people under 50. In one year, it kills more Americans than the entire Vietnam war. YET, GOD IS AT WORK.
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Through the power of Jesus and the ministry of Recovery Church men and women are coming to faith in Christ and are being redeemed and rescued out of the slavery of addiction. Each week Recovery Church serves hundreds of people that desire to maintain their sobriety while strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Recovery Church desires to see believers lead the way in providing hope to a nation facing the horrific epidemic of addiction.

We have launched training to plant Recovery Churches across the United States. Pastor Philip Dvorak has stepped out in faith as the President of Recovery Church Movement. Join the ministry of bringing healing to the hurting by supporting the Recovery Church Movement.


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9394 Sandy Run Road

Jupiter, FL 33478