Taking the leap to work full-time leading Recovery Church Movement was difficult. As I was contemplating the transition, I believed whole heartedly that God was calling me and that he was going to fulfill the vision of Recovery Church Movement. I couldn’t stand by and not be part of the solution, when thousands are dying from overdoses without knowing Jesus.  I had to take action. However, I was riddled with fear.  He was calling me; however, the specifics of the path were foggy at best. Faith is an interesting experience for me. In one moment, I’m a man of great faith, I look at people who have lost everything to their addiction and I see the men, the women, that God has called them to be.  When I look at them, I’m filled with compassion, hope and anticipation to see how God is going to create beauty from the ashes.

However, in my own journey, I don’t always have the same faith. One of my biggest fears is not being able to provide for the needs of my family. A family of seven is an amazing blessing, but it’s also a huge responsibility. The transition to Recovery Church Movement full-time meant I had to raise all my support and all the support needed for the ministry. Historically, I’m not very good at fundraising. I’m great at activating people, casting vision, encouraging people, shepherding, and even really good at being generous, but I hate asking for money. Each year of our marriage my wife and I were able to set goals to increase our giving to the Kingdom and each year God exceeded our goals. However, I like to be the one giving, and I struggle with receiving. So, I prayed to God, “Lord, I believe you’re calling me to this, I’ve seen you do exceedingly more than I could ever imagine through Recovery Church. Lord, I’m a man of little faith. Help me. Lord Show me that you’re going to provide. Lord provide for the ministry, Lord start this journey without me having to ask.”

So, I started sharing the vision and the next Sunday I was asked to share at a church about the opioid crisis and Recovery Church. So, a bit reluctantly, I drove the five hours and shared, shared the devastation, shared the utter destruction, but also shared how in the midst of the mess, God’s beauty is present in a mighty way. I shared how people’s lives have been and are being transformed, and the people that many saw as the “hopeless junkie under the bridge” are now the ones offering hope and a path to healing to others. I shared that I’m witnessing first hand God doing the miraculous.  The service ended, and God began to answer my prayer. Without ever asking for support a gracious believer (first time guest of that church) walked up to me and said “how can I help you continue to do what you are doing?” “Would a donation help?”.  Without asking this gracious believer sowed a seed into the movement that increased my faith more than words could express. Now her donation was generous, but alone was not enough to sustain the ministry. However, it was enough for me to say, ok Lord I hear you, I’ll do it. With a family of seven I said, “Lord I will trust you to provide.” Then I started sharing the vision of a Recovery Church to anyone who would listen. I began to share how I believe that God will use those who have been rescued from the bondage of their addictions to plant Recovery Churches in every city of our nation and beyond. Do you know what happened next? God begun to do it! There was one campus, then two, then three, then four, then I started losing count, and in a matter of months over ten teams meeting/praying and planning.  Hundreds of people gathering and sharing their journey of recovery and faith in Christ. Hundreds coming to faith in Christ, dozens baptized, life’s being restored, and eternity be changed right in front of our eyes. Then after the excitement faded a bit and I’d look at the bank account and wonder, “how are we going to pay the bills, God I know you’re calling me to visit the team in New Jersey  and Missouri, but how are we going to pay for it?”, the phone would ring, or a letter would come in the mail and the need would be met.  Friends that I hadn’t talked to in years would send in sacrificial donations, A church would catch the vision and give a gracious gift to seed the future of the ministry, members of a local Recovery Church fellowship began to give as well and I would be moved to humble tears.

God is teaching me, that he is the God that owns the cattle on a thousand hills. I have faith that he is leading this movement, he will fulfill his mission and he will provide the resources needed to sustain it. I want to say thank you to those who have joined in this movement, those who have sacrificed, those who have given. Your support is helping those who were thought to be hopeless, find recovery and most importantly a relationship with Jesus. Thank you for being a part of changing eternity.


Pastor Philip Dvorak
Recovery Church Movement