Ministry Friends,

Please take a few moments and pray for our 11 month old son, Amias. It’s been a bit of a journey the last few days. Multiple emergency rooms, ambulance ride, and finally we’ve been in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for the last four days. We have been deeply moved by the outpouring of prayers during this difficult time. Dozens of churches across this nation and beyond have been praying for Baby Amias, for God’s protection, and healing. The fledgling Recovery Churches, partner churches, and ministry friends have all reached out to let us know they are praying. God is faithful! My wife’s father has worked in hospitals training imagery (x-ray, CT-scans, MRI, etc.) for decades. There really isn’t much he hasn’t seen. When he saw the ct-scan of Amias, his face said it all and he had to take a seat. There is a significant fracture and blood on the brain.  However, God has protected him, he unbelievably is almost completely asymptomatic. With the occasional moment of blunted affect (that we believe is from the anti-seizure medication) he is showing no signs of brain damage.

How can you help?  Pray.

Tomorrow morning Tuesday 3/5/19 he will be having another ct-scan performed. We are praying that the results of that scan show a miraculous reduction of fluid and that we are released from the PICU. We thank you for your prayers and support. Watch Video Update Below.


Philip and Sara Dvorak
Recovery Church Movement